My 2021 year recap!

Hope this is not too late to write my 2021 recap post. 2021 was one of the best years I’ve ever had. It was more ups and very few downs this year. These are the highlights of my 2021:

Aced my internship and got a full-time offer: In 2020, I got an internship offer to work at Walmart. The internship started in Jan and ended in July. The internship experience was great and I was extended a full-time offer post-internship. I will write an article on my internship experience soon.

Bought my first two-wheeler by myself.

Archived CovidBot: which is a Telegram bot to get Covid stats of India, it has been used 8K times till now. I have to archive the project because the API I was using was discontinued, thus either I had to shift to another API (re-write the whole app) or archive the project. I had to choose the latter due to my other commitments.

Coursera HD Video Downloader hits 3K users: which is one of my first projects reaching this milestone. I am planning to make more extensions/projects in 2022 and acquire users.

Content Creation: I created, where I have all my work hosted comprising of articles, work experience and projects. I started writing online and started a newsletter to track and share my progress on this tech career that I am pursuing.

— Jan 10, 2022