You Don't Know JS: Notes

This blog post contains the short notes of the book series, YDKJS by Kyle Simpson. This books series is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how JavaScript works internally. Each chapter is hosted separately in Notion pages. I am going to start with second book because first book is just basics of JavaScript programming and introduction to the book series which doesn’t needs specific notes in my opinion. Still you can read the first book here.

How to use these notes?

Best way would be to read these notes as a refresher after going through the books. Further you can take the reverse approach of going through the notes and then reading the books which will make it easy for you to read the book.

Scope & Closures

Chapter 1: What is Scope?
Chapter 2: Lexical Scope
Chapter 3: Function vs. Block Scope
Chapter 4: Hoisting
Chapter 5: Scope Closures

this & Object Prototypes

Chapter 1: this Or That?
Chapter 2: this All Makes Sense Now!
Chapter 3: Objects (Coming Soon)
Chapter 4: Mixing “Class” Objects (Coming Soon)
Chapter 5: Prototypes (Coming Soon)
Chapter 6: Behavior Delegation (Coming Soon)

Types & Grammar

coming soon (Feb 2022)

Async & Performance

coming soon (March 2022)

ES6 & Beyond

coming soon (April 2022)

, — Dec 14, 2021